Tuesday, September 1, 2015


 It's been a long day here today and rather hot and humid after yesterdays blissfully cool rain. It's such a busy time but this time of the year always is and it is a wonderful time to be busy.

I'm happily awaiting Halloween, the months between now and January bring such a cool relief from the long hot summers that we have here and who cannot look forward to seeing the kiddos in their costumes.

I love displaying vintage linens with soft autumn colors and yes I am starting early but honestly I could start autumn and Christmas decorating right now. It;s just so exciting to bring out decorations that have been packed away for nearly a year. It's like visiting with old friends that you haven't seen in such a long time.

It will be Oct. first when the pumpkin farms open here which is such a long wait.

Who doesn't love a pumpkin farm?  The problem is that I want to buy them all.

Well as busy as things are around here I'm sure the weeks will fly by quickly. 
I Hope you  have an Autumn inspired enchanting week.

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