Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear Summer

Its steamy and warm here today, it seems that the fiery dame of summer is holding us fast in her clutches. I thank her for all of the beauty she has brought us. I take a few moments to chat with her.

I thank her for all the bounty she has given us. I remind her of how anxiously I waited for her to arrive.

We smiled when I reminded her that just a couple of weeks ago I was wilting from temperatures in the triple digits but
 that I did not complain too much. I had made that promise on a bitter cold day last winter  and reassured her that I would be missing her terribly until next season..
And then the faintest cool breeze brushed my check and she whispered. "The pumpkins ripen as we speak, the leaves will soon begin to glow in colors of red and gold. I am tired and ready for my rest.
 Autumn is waiting and must not be delayed, it is the way of nature that we come and go in our own season. I can see her just behind me and she is beautiful."

                                                           I will miss you Summer.
                                                            Rest well until next year.

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