Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Spring Cool Down And our Rocky

I'd like to introduce you to Rocky!  Isn't he precious !! He has been with us for three weeks and he is so delightful and spoiled. We are so happy to have him with us. 

We are getting ready for quite the cool down, after all of the beautiful weather that we have had it's going be freezing tonight.

The gardening that I'd planned will have to wait a few days until the weather clears up.
This beauty will sleep inside until the weather clears up and warms up
again. I lost three of the hydrangeas
that I planted last year to the bitter cold over the winter along with
my beautiful rosemary and one gardenia.

This house has a secret, a little mama chick-a-dee is resting  quietly on her tiny eggs. We are so happy that she chose our porch to make her home and we keep our distance so she can tend her little eggs peacefully.

This is honey bear is waiting patiently for the bee balm and lavender
to be planted.  He's wearing his spring clothes and hoping the bees will stay warm tonight.

Have a blessed day and remember it will be spring even if it's cold outside.

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