Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let it Snow

I am not a cold weather person all of the time and this winter has been a really cold one. Truth is I do love a little bit of snow. The problem is I'm North Carolina spoiled. Snow is the time when you make sure all of your family are safe and warm in their homes and get your furbabies all snug and warm with full bellies and then....... you settle in by the fire with cup of hot chocolate and a good book or maybe a bit of sewing and just relax. This time it came quickly and so bitter cold and off to work I went. I really missed that special kind of quiet that comes with a snow day.

It is still horribly cold and I have to work tomorrow, there is no forecast  for more snow but this weekend I will pretend that it is a snow day and try to bring that special kind of comfort into my home. I hope everyone is warm and cozy, the pups are snug by the fire and the kitties are snuggled in their beds. Kinda sounds  like Christmas Eve again, I will pretend that it is and I am so very blessed to have my home and family.

Bright Blessings to all. 

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