Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Muse

 First I would like to wish all of my blogger friends a safe and beautifully happy New year.
 You've probably noticed that my Christmas pictures were from last year; there has been no decorating this year. The last few months have brought about some sure and uncertain changes in my life. I  have been greatly blessed to find that I had true friends and a wonderful family and I have many hopes for the New Year. The week before Christmas I came down with the most God awful flu that I have ever had and it seemed like I just wanted to give up.   I still have a large mountain to cross but for today I've culled through a few boxes that are packed and stored and pulled out a few dreams.
 I chose soft pretty whites and delicate angels, sweet hand made lace and little touches of pink to remind myself that I am fortunate and that life will go on and spring will come.
 I've never been one to use much pink in my decorating but when things settle and I can take my things out of storage that will change. I need the softness of it and the comfort of it.
 I chose some lovely lace collars for my pictures, the little angora child's collar with the pearls and rhinestones just touches my heart.
 Satin covered hangers just the right size for doll and baby clothes will hang bedecked in soft lovely vintage clothes. And candle light will brighten every new day.
 I've no certainty as to what the future holds but then I guess we really never do; I do realize that each moment  is precious and beautiful.

 I look forward to the new year, I will love the cold crisp white cleansing of winter and wait.... for the warmth and awakening of spring.
 I will be thankful for all things that are precious to me and focus my energy on peace and the sweetness of life and friendship.
 I will think of angels all year and fairies and sprites and count the days till the first song of the robin.

Be Blessed my dear friends and Have a Most Joyous New Year. 

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