Friday, December 9, 2011

OLM's Special Meanings of the Seasons

Goodmorning everyone; just popped in between decorating to remind you that there is a great give a way over at Primitives  By Old Lady Morgan. Be sure to stop in and see the precious doll she's giving away and enjoy her fabulious blog; you can find her here

I'm happy to talk about the many special reasons for the season but there is one that is very special to me.

Now I love the decorating, the gathering of friends and family, the shopping and the sharing of a special

meal with the ones you love.

 But as I was taking my walk through the Aurelian Wood on Wednesday it occured to me that there was a very special meaning that I don't often talk about. The tree above is a miracle of nature; fallen years ago by a storm it held tight to the nurturing breast of the earth and three tiny branches burst through and now the one tree is three tall strong trees reaching ever upward toward the heavens.

There was a quiet and stillness in the forest; a silence that I could feel in every part  of my being. No glitter, no bells, just now and then the tinkling of a fairy bell and the faint glimmer of a passing sprite. The earth herself was calmly waiting in reverence for the miracle of Christmas; the spirit of nature transformed to a mysterious half slumber awaiting the promise of rebirth and life enternal that began on this very holy day.

Bright Blessings, 


  1. Constance, Beautifully said! So many things we take for granted. And thank you so much for your kind words for my blog my friend! OLM

  2. That is absolutely and positively beautifully said Sallie - you put me there in that magically reverent moment in the blink of a fairy's eye....Love it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin



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