Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Magic

I hope everyone is enjoying the season s much as I am, we are super busy at work so I haven't had the time that I would like to take for autumn fun and decorating but it's really nice to have our company thriving in this economy. Hedge is checking her weight in the picture above, the scale is a new addition and I didn't get time to clean it up really good because I just had to get pictures as quick as possible. It is now a favorite antique and is dated August 1911.

 I love the glow of candles and autumn is the beginning of that special time of year when the soothing glow of candle light can bring soothing magical spells and dreams.

Oh No! By this scale our little Hedge is worth 10 cents!
The scale is a perfect match for this old kitchen table that I bought a few years back.

I never could find anything that I really like on this table but the scale is perfect for it.

Over the weekend I got to visit two wonderful pumpkin farms and they just down the road from my home. I have a lot more pictures that I will share with you later but if you are traveling through N.C both farms are on highway 48 about 15 miles south of Roanoke Rapids and you can exit I 95 and take brief country drive to both farms.

I can't say that I have a favorite, I enjoyed both so much and I will also be posting pictures of my pumpkins soon and they have wonderful mums and gourds. Stop by and visit both farms for a wonderful fun filled autumn afternoon.
 I fell in love with this but it wasn't for sale. It was a treat to see it. I've never seen a trencher so large.

Hedge and I will be back soon, bright blessings and enjoy the season.



  1. Oh Sallie - I LOVE your new scale...what a find! Can't say I've ever seen one like that. And the color is wonderful. But gotta say, that little Hedge is stealing the show - and my heart! What a perfectly adorable little Halloween kitten!! A perfect little familiar!! Great photo too! And nothing beats a day at a pumpkin patch....Looks like you have some AWESOME pumpkin patches in your area....Too, too, fun! Enjoy your day! Smiles & Hugs (for Hedge too!) ~ Robin

  2. Love your fall displays, fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate. Thanks for joining me on my blog, looking forward to getting to know you. Vicky



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