Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day



It has been such a beautiful, sunny day! It’s still a bit cool but much better than some of the bitter cold days we have had.  I will be opening my vintage Etsy Shop tomorrow and I’m really excited. This will be a new adventure for me and I hope to follow the vintage shop shortly by adding some of my hand made items.  This is also my first blog post using windows live writer. Well we’ll see how that goes. 007

This old quilt top with several others will be listed on Etsy tomorrow. I love old textiles and I have so loved watching them dance in the fresh air and sunlight today.010 

The last two of the trees will be down today; this is my kitchen tree. It’s the only one that I use colored lights on. It holds some of my slowly growing collection of vintage ornaments including a few Shiney Brights.



This house tends to be way too dark for me, since it’s a rental I can only paint the kitchen. It’s cozy and warm and quite here and I do love that but I’m still searching for that country place and the Christmas trees this year surely brightened up the place.

Well I’m off to work on my Etsy pictures and get out in the fresh air at least one more time before it gets to dark. I’m also anxious to see how this post turns out. Enjoy the weekend!

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