Sunday, January 2, 2011


When  I was very young my Aunt used to make all of the bows that we used for Christmas. She never taught me to make bows but I remember sitting at her feet and watching the way she moved her fingers and her wrists. No matter what size bow she was making her hands moved in a rhythm like music. I watched amazed at how the yards of silk or satin ribbon would be transformed into the most enchanting bows. I remember one year she was going to surprise some of her coworkers at the textile factory where she worked. She bought rolls of left over chintz binding and left over fabric from the resale store at the factory and at Christmas she made  each of her friends an apron. The packages were all wrapped in plain white paper but they were adorned with the most beautiful, huge bow made from binding that matched the apron inside.  

As the years past the hand made bows went out of fashion; it was easier and way less expensive to purchase the ready made bows that just snapped into the box or were stuck on with tape. I hated those bows and when I grew up I searched for old spools of vintage velvet, organza and satin to make my own bows. I even loved to use the rolls of curling ribbon since it was getting very hard to find the beautiful vintage ones. 
It would be many years later when my youngest daughter would come to me and ask me to make a bow for her. I was surprised ! Shocked ! But she said that no one in the family could make a bow like I could. Now ribbons are available in so many patterns and the sides are wired so it is quite easy to make a pretty bow; why just days ago I stood at Michael's ribbon display and thought that I might buy dozens of the lovely ribbons on the after Christmas sale. But then I remembered and I thought and I smiled because this year I will be scouting high and low for more vintage ribbons and if I am very lucky....I'm might find a roll or two of old  chintz binding.

Bright Blessings,


  1. Loved the story about your aunt! I'll take a handmade bow over a store bought ANY day! I've always loved making them and yes, much easier to make a pretty bow with the wired ribbons! Hope all is well in NC! Guess you got some of that snow they had last week! Happy New Year! ~~Annie

  2. Happy New Year to you too Sallie... hope it arrived all wrapped up in bows.
    Susan x



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