Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's taking Forever

I'm beginning to think that I'm never going to get this place unpacked. The little cupboard above is a favorite of mine. We will be painting the kitchen after Thanksgiving. I'd decided on creamy white walls with gray for the cabinets and trim but it seems like the decor is taking on a blue theme so my color choice for the cabinets and trim may change.
I was able to get out to a couple of early morning sales yesterday and came home with a great antique wooden masher, a draw knife, an old stoneware whiskey jug and a few other things. My battery was low on my camera so I didn't get pictures but I'll be posting some soon. 
I have a rule about not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but this year I'm bending that rule a bit. Since the boxes are already out I've decided to start decorating. The red tree is going up in the primitive bedroom and I've put one of the tall skinny trees in the kitchen. The primitive room will also be where I craft so it is really taking some time to get this arrangement figured out.  
I'll have more pictures soon and hopefully some handmades will be appearing soon too. I'm ready to get to the sewing machine. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

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