Saturday, June 12, 2010

Treasure Hunting Again

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I was up at 5:00 AM this morning to do just a little bit of treasure hunting. I've cut back a bit on going to garage sales and GW because I'm trying to get my space organized to display my collections better and I do have to decorate around the kitty's so it is taking some time to figure all of this out. Anyway when I decide to go in search of favorite things I just tell myself what I have in mind. Last night I was thinking I would like another yelloware bowl to add to my collection.

                                                               It showed up at my second  stop.

                                           I'd been thinking about dolls a lot lately and well at that same second stop I found this wooden carved Ma and Pa set. This isn't a very good picture and while they are carved with movable arms and legs, well they kinda look just a bit creepy.

The little girl in the top picture was also at this second stop. She is still in her original box and looks like she has never been taken out.

It says she is a replica of a doll in an early American museum; I don't know about that but she is a caved doll as well and I love the way she is dressed.

At my third sale the lady had 100's of dolls. There were so many dolls I was completely overwhelmed. They were from the 1950's right through yesterday I think. I found this one that I loved and she came home with me. Her little tag says she is a 1959 Horseman and she is wearing the sweetest little string of peals around her neck.


I also found another favorite, a wonderful old wooden tole tray.


At my last sale I found some old and newer pewter candlesticks. I can never pass these up.

Now I haven't mentioned my first sale; well I found this old glass jar. I always buy old glass jars and this great old decanter.

Kirby found the little laboratory glass thingy a few weeks back and surprised me with a this little
sweet pea vine that just wondered over our fence. He is so thoughtful that way and these little surprises make me so happy.

And this old lamp; old lamps are also favorites. I haven't had time to clean anything up yet; I'll get to that tomorrow and I will surely try to get a picture of my first buy at the first sale. It's a reproduction fireside table. The lady said her mother bought it in the 60's; I've always wanted an antique one but this one will do fine. I will get pictures posted of it tomorrow along with a couple of finished projects.  

I also wanted to update you all on little River, he is a bouncing, playing loving sweet little boy and he no longer growls at anything. We are so lucky to have him in our home. I hope you all a blessed week and please stay cool; it's steaming here! 



  2. Hi good to see you again! I've been so busy lately and now that things are settling down, I hope to be back visiting blogs again. Thanks so much for dropping by mine and for your sweet comments. So how are things back near my old stomping grounds?

    Love all your finds. Isn't it funny when you need or want something in particular, how they always manage to pop up at the yard sales and GWs! I can't tell you how many times I've had that happen to me!

    Hope you're staying cool! I hear it's been hot back there! ~~Annie



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