Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Girls Lily

Isn't this the most beautiful Lily ever? It's almost as sweet and beautiful as the little girls that planted it but not quite. My darling grand daughters, Kasey & Megan picked this for their special flower to plant this spring, it's a Stargazer and they have nurtured it well. 
They aren't little girls anymore, they are growing so fast and have so quickly become precious young ladies. My daughter Lisa has done a wonderful job and she has mastered the art of  teaching her daughters to be well behaved charming young ladies and at the same time bending just enough so that they can grow into themselves, she has let their imaginations and dreams thrive while teaching them to temper their actions with good judgement and daily we watch and are amazed as they move closer to becoming magical and brilliant young women. The years pass to quickly but the journey is a jewel indeed.

I also want to wish a Happy Father's day to all.
I've tried to spend some quiet time today. It is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. 
To the ancients it was a magical day; and it is still a wondrous day; all is green and the earth is yielding forth food and plenty. There are flowers blooming and even the night air is full with the fragrance of gardenia and magnolia.

I had planned to take a walk through the mill village today; I wanted to take some pictures of doors. Instead I stayed at home and borrowed some pictures from another favorite book American Farm Houses.

The early houses had heavy plain wooden doors to keep out the cold winds and Indians, I love this picture with the open door.

What happened to screened doors? I loved the first warm day of spring when the  wooden doors were thrown open and the windows opened wide and the cool fresh breezes would flood through the screens.

Screened doors had a special sound they made when they closed, a gentle sort of slap. It was a happy sound, it meant mama was home or uncle was home from work. It was a sound that I cherished as a child and that I miss as an adult. I must get screened doors for this house. 


Have a wonderful summer everyone.  

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