Friday, May 7, 2010


                                                        Hello and Happy Weekend Everyone!

                                                   I often spend the day thinking about the country. As most most of you know I am a city dweller these days but you never know; I've been looking and thinking and wanting a peaceful place outside the city for some time now. We'll see what the future holds but for now I'll just daydream. I've been working on my keeping room for some time now as time allows. I love the things that I collect and enjoy the sweetness of thinking how these things, in times past would have been necessary items in the country home. I enjoy candle light and love the aroma of the gently scented breezes they create in my home. 


I've posted one of my favorite collectibles above. I certainly can't have a curly white sheep if my own in the city or maybe I can pretend and dream.

Oh yes, tranquility at last. Sheep grazing on a green hillside with a crystal brook for their drinking.
Yes these are needful.

A pitcher for bringing water from the spring. There is nothing like cold, pure water from a natural spring. It quenches the thirst and fills the soul. Yes this is needful.

And this would be a very necessary needful,  I guess there are some things from the country life that I'd as soon not have to use but lets remember that this little pot must have seemed a great blessing in it's day. I'm not sure how pottie training went in a privy but I can see where this little needful would have been a treasure indeed.   Now I'm off to think again on how wonderful life is, how preserving the past makes us thankful for the comforts we have today  and how very lovely it would be to gaze from my window into the hillside while sipping a cool glass of crystal spring water.


  1. Constance, just stopped by to say hi and thank you for visiting my blog. I see we have alot in common and I simply love your primitive collections. I am adding your blog to my side bar and will return again soon.

  2. Hi Sallie, I love all of your "needfuls"...especially that curly-haired sheep!
    Time-worn and well-loved items are what I find "needful" too.



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