Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom Hillary Constance Pittman Creech

First of all I want to wish a happy Mother's Day to everyone.
I'd also like to share a bit about my own Mom.
I lost my mother some years back; she had lived with me after her own home flooded during hurricane Floyd in 1999 and if life growing up with my mom wasn't an adventure on it's own, having her live with me for six years was the makings for a mini series.

In truth she had seemed more like a sister, she was young when I was born and after she and my father separated when I was still an infant we went to live with her sister.

Mom remarried when I was eight years old I stayed on in the country with my aunt and uncle and mom and my step Father visited on Sunday and on a few occasions I would visit them.

I remember the years when mom and my stepfather dated. I always thought Mom was so beautiful. She was a petite woman with a sense of humor that could bring any one to their knees laughing and she barred no words. I wish I could share some of her humor but it's best kept between family and friends that knew her!

I still have the lacy crinoline petticoat that she wore under her full skirts, and she knew exactly how to step so lady like that everyone was sure that the brief showing of this lacy unmentionable was certainly by accident.

My aunt saw to hand washing and lightly starching this garment and ironing it so that every tiny stitch of embroidery and lace came to life in a billowing cloud like confection.

When I was 10 my only sibling was born. I was the happiest child in the world. I would watch him through the nursery window in the hospital. I couldn't wait to hold him. On the day they left the hospital I was there and finally got to see him without a window between us. Mom was in a wheel chair wearing a blue lace gown and jacket.  It was short and with the flaring A line that was the style then ( very Jackie O ). She was holding brother in her arms in a white lace trimmed dress and bonnet wrapped in a shear white lace shawl.    

It took my breath away, They looked like angels. I'm sure they were angels.


When her home flooded all of her things were pulled to the curb, smelling awful and covered in layers of slime and muck to be hauled away. I saw a glimpse of a brown muddy mess that might of been anything but my child's eye awoke instantly and I was digging through the muck. It took many hours of soaking and to be sure,  the pretty pale blue still has some stains and the petticoat will not shimmer again but they are safe and when I see them it is with my child's eye, and they are perfect and heavenly. I love you mom.

Bright Blessings to everyone.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. She is absolutely a beauty and I can tell she had a love for animals. What precious items you pretty.




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