Sunday, February 28, 2010

It all Started with a Fig Leaf

Good Afternoon everyone. It's been bright and sunny here today. I'm slowly working my way through housework with just a bit of crafting here & there. I'm just hoping that spring is around the corner, a very close corner. Going through some things as I was cleaning I came across a book I purchased at a sale years ago. I've loved this little book and I just had to post some pictures from it. It was published in the 1960's and it is titled Costume in Pictures.

                                                             This is were it all got started.

How in the world did we go from the "bare" basics to this

Or this
Can you imagine getting dressed for this family portrait?

And to think I complain when I have to iron a shirt.

I remember how hard it was to keep sashes tied, ties straight, and scuffs off of little black patent leather shoes for just minutes to get a good picture of my babies. How did these little tots stay so ruffled and crisp???

And this was considered simple dress, I do like the apron.

We must not forget the Belles!!

Any idea how a girl would sit down in a bustle???

I wish you all a warm, sunny week.

Blessed Be.


  1. Love those pics! Hallelujah styles have changed! I'll take my t-shirts and jeans ANY day! LOL! ~~Annie

  2. I hope you are enjoying your warm weather week... not quite so here in the Northeast.
    The fashions of the past had little or no degree of comfort and it often amuses me when someone says I was born in the wrong century.Since they had the restricted dress codes and costumes you would never get me to make such a wish. Jeans and a big mens shirt and I'm good to go...

  3. I adore the old photographs. Just thankful I don't have to wear a corset...whew!

    We are going to get some warm weather this weekend and I am so darned ready. I plan on spray painting some Goodwill finds. YAY!!!



  4. I just wanted to let you know you are featured in my Follower Feature post today. Thanks so much for following!


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