Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Cupboard, Old House and Memories

This is a picture I found at a yard sale more than a year ago. It was painted in the 1950's. I thought it would be great to use for a winter decoration so I finally got around to painting the frame and I'm using it in the keeping room redo that I've been working on for several months now. I'm also posting a couple of pictures of an old cupboard that I've been waiting to get settled in.

Isn't she beautiful?
I hope to have her cleaned up a bit more and decorated soon; that is if the temperature ever gets above freezing in that room again. I don't know why but the snowy, icey weather and the bitter cold that we have had this weekend has brought back some wonderful memories of my Uncle's (that helped raise me) family farm. We spent a lot of time there when I was small. I remember it so well. The log smoke house, the barns and corn crib. There were mules for plowing, well loved and well cared for. I remember Bob and Don, two sweet, beautiful liver spotted bird dogs. There were free roaming  chickens and lots of chicks in the spring and always kittens around the barn and the house. I remember the huge ancient oaks that shaded the porch and the great hand stacked stone chimneys. The house itself sat on pillars made from the same stone culled from the land when the fields were cleared for farming. It was a true house that grew from the very land it sat on. It is gone now and there are very few like it left. It had housed that family for generations and it is a sorrow that more and more we see the rural landscape change, never stopping to thing what is lost in time. 

Maybe old cupboards and hand made items are all that I can save of those wonderful memories.

I also have a picture of a sweet little red childs chair that I found a few months ago. I love red and she'll be just perfect once she is cleaned up and has a doll to keep her company.

One more picture of my old cupboard and then I'm off to prepare for work tomorrow. I'm not sure how that will go with the icey roads but for sure our office will be open. I think I will be late though; I'm waiting till the streets slush up, I'm not going to be sliding in on ice! Stay warm everyone.



  1. What an adorable painting and I love your cupboard. I also have to say such you have such wonderful memories. I love the idea of a keeping room.


  2. Can't wait to see it all done.




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