Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year and Old Scissors

Hello Everyone !!
Just a short post to wish each of you a safe, warm, and prosperous New Year. I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but I have tried to pop in and visit all of may favorite blogs. I enjoy your posts so much and I really want to thank all of you that visit, comment and follow me in my little corner of blogland.
I love hearing from you and I read every comment. I hope that in this new year I will be able to spend more time doing the things that make me smile and visiting with  my new friends that I have met through your blogs is one thing that definately makes me smile.
It's been freezing here! This old house does not lend itself well to cold weather and boy the last few weeks have been cold. I've been giving a lot of thought to my future here and I'm still not sure if I will continue to live here or just give up and try something else. One day I'm sure I'll choose something else and leave this old house with it's leaky roof and cold floors behind and the next day I think about all of all of the plans I've made for her and possibilites to bring her back to life as a warm, safe (however in this city safe is another subject altogether) , comfortable  and inviting home.   What to do ? What to do?
There was one estate sale yesterday and I just had to go. I found some great old treasures. One was this dress.

This dress was made in the 60's; 1960's when our city celebrated it's centennial. Nearly every business and chuch joined in the celebration dressing as Southern Belles and Gentlemen.  I was really pleased to find this dress and matching bonnet. I also found four massive volumes of The Century Magazine, these books date from 1884 and 1887. They are so interesting.
There were  a few nice old linens that I picked up and last but certainly not least I found a plastic bag with two pair of antiques scissors. I couldn't believe my eyes.   

It doesn't show in the pictures but these actually have the old makers mark on them. I'm sure that this is a sign that soon the sewing corner will be warm again and I'll be back to stitching before I know it.
I'll be working on a few items for Easter and then on to an early start on Halloween things this year.
Be healthy and safe because before we know it Christmas will be here again!
                                                               Bright Blessings !


  1. It's freezing here too. I feel the same way you do about our home. I love this old house, but when the cold weather sits in I want to sell. I think we most likely well sell, or try to at leaste!
    I love the dress, it sure looks old.

  2. It is very cold for us here in NC!! I love my house, it is our very first house. Finally after 17 years of Military housing we bit the bullet. I would have loved to have bought an old plantation home. We even looked at a few, but they were out of our price range after you figured in the cost of renovations that were needed.

    I ADORE those scissors....cute!!! That dress is beautiful. Every time I watched Little House on the Prairie I dreamed of being Laura. Of course I CRIED at every episode, too.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Glad you stopped by my blog. I've become a follower of your's and just love reading about all your kitties. ~Ann


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