Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cats and the Red Theme

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to pop in for a quick post. I've been enjoying all the beautiful Holiday decorating on your blogs. I try to get in each day to look at all the beautiful pictures and the wonderful stories of Holidays past and present. Now the largest tree that I put up each year has a white and silver and gold theme. I still plan to get that tree decorated but it will go into the newly painted keeping room. I still planned to have a couple of smaller trees in the living room but I also remembered that I have a still young baby kitty, named Sugar Bee that is into everything. I could imagine her climbing the tree and playing in a rubble of crushed glass ornaments while I was away.  So  I decided to decorate the trees anyway but with non breakable ornaments. Anyway I'd seen these beautiful red pinecone ornaments at  the Crackle Barrel when we ate there a few weeks ago. I started with a few of those and ended with this sweet tree all decked out in berries, birds and pinecones. I even found a couple of birdhouses and lots of cardinals. I mixed in a few other non breakable ornaments and ended up with a very nice tree. Can you believe she has not even noticed it?  Not once has she climbed it or even swatted at an ornament. Well I love the tree anyway and just in case she changes her mind I know there isn't anything here that she can break and get cut on.


It willl be here soon! Have a great week!


  1. Your tree is just gorgeous! Love the "red" :)
    I think maybe Sugar Bee thinks it's too prety to climb in ;)

    Enjoy your week.

  2. I love all the red ornaments!!..Cardinals are my favorites!!!~~hugs,Jen

  3. Love the red on your tree! Sounds like your little black fir ball is getting into just as much mischief as my little black fir ball! LOL! I found empty egg shells under my Christmas tree today. That's what I get for not taking them to the compost yesterday! LOL! Don't you just love them! ~~Annie

  4. I love your red theme....the tree is so pretty!
    Glad your kitty hasn't discovered the cardinals!
    Hope you and your family are enjoying the season.

  5. Beautiful tree!! I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.





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