Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miss Imma Bivis

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I'm almost finished putting away the indoor Halloween things and still have some Jack's and witches from the porch that will be coming tomorrow.

I wanted to introduce you to Miss Imma Bivis. Imma turned 10 in August. She was my first rescue from the feral colony that I adopted at my old house. Over a three year period Mother and I found homes for 123 cats. Imma was a wild little thing and it took some time but she soon became my constant companion and best friend. She's healthy, happy and quite the house mom around here.

 Now she's not real happy about the flash when she's trying to nap.

Ok Mom one more picture and that's it!

This little girl is the light of my life and you would never know it but she is very spoiled.

I'd been wanting an old barn light for a long time. I found this newer one at a shop a few weeks back. They were having a sale and this thing was so covered in dust and cob webs but it cleaned up to look too new. A little paint and destressing and it will be just right. I'll post more pictures when I get it done.
It's always hard to pack away decorations for me. Especially the autumn ones. I just love the colors so much and too be honest I have a few pumpkins and gourds that stay out all year. I found this little guy at Micheal's a few weeks back and I'm pretty sure he will stay out through Christmas anyway.
I really think this little birdie may stay a while too.

I'm so glad the cats don't get on the mantle, you see Sugar Bee thinks that all feathers are hers. These guys would not stand a chance if she ever goot near them.

I also found another great piece of ironstone for my collection last weekend.
And I also wanted to share a picture of this little bear. Now I'm not a bear collector but every now and again I will find one that just ends up coming home with me. I found this guy last year and decided that after Christmas he was just to sweet to pack away for a whole year and Brother really liked the bears and one little snowman that I'll post a picture of later. Anyway I decided I'd leave the bears and the one snowman out for the year. Now I took the scarf and mittins off this little guy in the spring. You know it does get hot here in N.C. and Brother  later remarked that the bear seemed to have a very sad look to him and to be honest I thought so too. Now today I brought out his mittins and scarf and to be sure I believe he is smiling again.

Have a great week everyone; I look forwarding to reading your posts.


  1. She does look like a little princess! How sweet, especially her first photo. I am so glad she found a loving home with you.
    xo Lidy

  2. She is a cutie!! We adopted a kitty a few weeks back and he is already a big part of our family. Thanks for sharing other parts of your life..





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