Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Week End Finds and The Perfect Chair

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here?
It seems like just yesterday I was wishing for the first signs of autumn and suddenly it is almost Thanksgiving.
I went to an estate sale yesterday and it's a good thing that space and money are limited here or I would have had to make 10 trips to get everything home. Anyway I found some great treasures and I'm posting pictures of just a few today.
This is an old print of the first Thanksgiving. I fell in love with it. It will hang in the dining room over the mantle I think. We are starting to redo the dining room. It won't be ready before Thanksgiving since most of the projects get done around here on the weekends but it will be done by Christmas.
This chippy robin's egg blue chair also came from the sale. I can't pass up an old rocker and this one was just my color and I had to bring it home.

And this sweet little piece of Pfaltzcaff is holding sweet scented vanilla candles on one of the cupboards.

Maybe my favorite find was this beautiful hand crochet bed cover. I love old linens and this just had to come home with me.

Then there were boxes and boxes of sewing kits, most from the 80's. I bought 7and it's so hard to decide which one to start on first.  I'm thinking it
will be this cross stitch runner but there is also an Amish quilt wall hanging that is calling my name. I may start them both, sometimes I like to have several projects started at once. I don't get bored and since I have no patience at all I seem to stay more focused on getting them finished.

This old milk can found it's way to my porch too, where will I find places for Christmas decorations??

My dear friend Fran stopped by and gave me this adorable set of kitty placemats. Fran is a cat lover too and such a good person. I am blessed to have her as my friend.

I unpacked one woodland Santa, just to see if he could survive my little Sugar Bee and he's made it a week and she hasn't touched him. I'm wondering what's going to happen when the trees go up. She does love sparkly things.
And speaking of trees, I also found this tree at the sale.
Now I'm a primitive lover but when it comes to Christmas I do love a bit of fru-fru.

This was such a delighful tree with the glistening gold net ribbon and the gold angels. It has dried baby's breath which is old and yellowed so I'm replacing it with new snowey white and adding maybe some soft white birds to spruce it up.
I almost forgot, I also got a fantastic old quilt top. I didn't get a picture but I'll get one next time. I hope to be back later in the week with a link to a wonderful site. My daughter's company has started a line of garden planters that are just out of this world. You'll love them.  And I'm also starting some luminaries. If they turn out good I'll post some pictures. I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Hello Constance!....Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words! I too can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! And what wonderful treasures you found! Have a great week!


  2. Look at all of the goodies you found! What a breautiful print, it will look fabulous in your dining room. The bed cover is amazing, some work went into that! Okay, now the milk can I may have to visit and borrow it. LOL I have been looking for one of those forever, that doesn't cost 50 dollars or more. LOL

    We have the same tastes in Santas, I can't wait to get mine down. They will have to go on the buffet in the dining room this year, I have plans for a blue and gold Mountaineer theme for my living room.

    I wonder how our new kitty will do with the Christmas Tree..hadn't even crossed my mind.


  3. That chair really more ways than one! Ü

  4. I love the colour of that rocking chair...
    Looks like you had fun at the estate sale, they can be addictive you know.
    Your Imma is such a sweet thing and so are you and your Mom for having rescued so many cats over the years.

  5. I love the rocking chair, and the crocheted bed cover looks just like the one my grandmother made for my Mom, that will hopefully someday be passed down to me!
    You really found some treasures!


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