Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Beautiful Thanksgiving and the Aprons I Promised

It has been a beautiful mild day here and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving just as we did. I never started out to collect aprons; it's just that I seem to run across them quite often and I love them. When I was young every woman had an apron or more likely a half dozen or so.

My aunt's wore aprons when they cooked Sunday dinner after church. They had plain and fancy aprons which they wore depending on who was coming for dinner. My Grandmother and Mammie Roger's wore aprons all day, everyday. Their aprons were longer. They always wore long mid-calf length dresses, always. It was not the proper thing for women to wear slacks or jeans. I remember that all of the house cleaning was done right after breakfast at Mammie and Grandmother's.


The meals and house cleaning were done in pretty print aprons but at Grandmother's when lunch was finished she would put on a proper apron as she called it. A proper apron was a long white apron with pockets large enough to hold her crochet thread or embroidery, She made all of her aprons on a treadle sewing machine and the pockets were always trimmed with lovely crochet lace.  The afternoon was time for stitching. I don't think she ever spent an idol moment, except when she slept and I'm sure she dreamed of the next sewing project that she would be starting. Thus began my love affair with aprons and linens and quilts.

I found this little beauty a few months ago, the apron  has a row of sweet Christmas trees across the hem. It doesn't show well in the picture but the tress are cross stitch, topped with a green ribbon bow.

I'm always amazed at the work that went into these aprons, even these newer machine made ones can be very intricate.

I guess the red ones are my favorite but I collect any color or pattern that I can find.

I remember Mammie and Grandmother using the hems of their aprons to open the door of the wood stove. I do wish I had some of their aprons for my collection.

And now this next picture is a little bit off of the subject.

Please pop over to my autumn Halloween blog at Familiar Sprits to see the story and more great pictures of this fantastic stock car. You won't want to miss this it is incredible.
Have a wonderful safe weekend; it's back to work for me tomorrow but if all goes well the keeping room make over will start on Saturday.
Thanksgiving blessings to everyone.


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  1. Love the aprons, such detail! I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.





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