Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do You See Him There ??

Do you see him there??

Years ago Brother had a big yellow cat. He named him Yellows & Yellows. Yep, Yellows & Yellows.
That was when he was maybe about 25 or 30 years old, long before our parents died.  Now he'd had other cats but all of his life he fondly remembered Yellows & Yellows and talked about that kitty all the time. He loved all of the cats that I had rescued over the years and I still have his Wallace who is now 12 years old. Anyway, a few months after brother passed away this gentleman started visiting me. He won't allow me to get more than about 3 feet near him but he's not a shy one. He peeks in the window at us from the porch. He has no problem letting me know in a quite a loud howl that his bowl is empty and he wants food.   He is a beautiful boy and I've named him Yellows & Yellows. I worry about him. My neighbors are not cat lovers but I can't deny him food. Sometimes I see him over by the tree where Brother was attacked. I always feel that Brother is still close to me and watches over me. Who else would he send to care for me while he's off visiting places that I can't even imagine but Yellow's & Yellows.


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  1. How sweet of you to feed him. I am sure he is watching over you and will soon warm up to you. He is a big cat!! Our poor little Skeeter is all bones with a belly fat pocket. LOL

    Hugs... I know you are missing your brother during the holidays. I wish I had words to make it easier.




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