Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Spirit Of Decorating

OK, I'd planned to paint furniture today but it's raining. I like to take the large pieces outside where I can get a good true light and I don't have to worry to much about drips or spills. I've been getting things together for a bathroom redo for some time now and hopefully that project will begin this week. In the mean time I put a few things together on a table to get an idea on how the colors I've chosen will work. The bathroom is tiny but it has a nice old claw foot tub so I'm going with a romantic look. Lots of whites and creams. As I was putting these things together I thought about the spiritual side of decorating. I really don't know what everyone else sees when they come into my home; but just in this little display I see a $3.00 table that I found back when I was just beginning to rebuild my life after some events that changed many things. It was a little maple table that had tons of battle scars and I felt a little scared myself at the time. I painted it a silky, creamy white and it turned out fresh and new and beautiful. The runner was made by my Grandmother Selma. She passed when I was about 11 and can you believe the Aunts were going to throw her linens out!!! I salvaged all that I could; Grandmother had already taught me to sew, quilt, crochet and embroidery and so had begun my love for all things handmade. I see her and hear her and remember when I see this runner, there are star fish here that I bought when I lived at the coast late in the 80's. They remind me of so many beautiful days there. There's a glass jar that was a recent gift from Brother. Some one was throwing it out and he said he knew that I could do something with it. There's a large decanter that Kirby found at a yardsale and he to knew that I would use it and love it, there's a beaded purse and string of pearls that remind me of mother and the aunts. This one small $3.00 table has a story and I realize that most everything I do has a deep meaning to me and now I'm thinking about how warm, rainy days are to be cherished.

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  1. The weather has been just perfect here in Iowa, so painting outside is grand, but the rains of Memorial Day are on their way...why do they always have to ruin my peony flowers...argh...

    BTW...the screen door will stay green...I'm too old-fashioned to paint it white, who knows, I may take down the white shutters and put up ol' green ones...thanks for the input and have a great weekend!



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