Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi Everyone,
This is a 1917 store advertising calendar. I'm going to have to frame it as it has seen it's share of wear but I just fell in love with it. The past two weeks have been busy and stressful but hopefully I'll have some new finds and crafts to share with you soon. I hope everyone is well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Finds

Hi Everyone! I had a busy day yesterday and I'm probably in over my head with all the cleaning, dusting and rearranging I've got to do today. They were lots of garage sales and 3 auctions here yesterday. Brother and I were up at 6:00 AM heading to the garage sales. We had a blast and we had to move fast as the first auction started at 10:00 AM. I found two lovely quilt tops, a vintage beaded purse, two colorful vintage aprons, a white painted wooded shutter, a carved Victorian bed frame that will be beautiful when it is painted white. We also found lots of candles, some vintage linen napkins and and crochet rugs and vintage pillows. Most of my decor is primitive but I do have one chic bedroom and this bed will go in there. I've been gathering things for this room for a while and now I have to get all of the re dos done. I should be posting pictures of this soon. Now I'd planned to go to 2 of the auctions but the 10:00 AM sale was great. I'd worn brother out so Kirby went along to the sale with me. This was the storage building (2 floors) of an antique store that went out of business several years ago. Well there was a lot of stuff in there and there were some really fantastic finds to be had. I stayed till the end and missed the 2nd sale but that was OK, this one was great. I got a beautiful 19th century rope bed, and old enamel top kitchen table, a hexagon shaped table with fancy carved legs, and a huge beaded board store display cabinet. It's from the early 1900's from an old department store down town. It's about 5'8 inches tall and 6 1/2 feet long. We'll be replacing the shelves some old barn wood and repainting the inside. This will go in my dinning room which is also a work in progress. These are a few of the pictures and I'll be posting the cleaned up fixed up pictures as the weeks pass. OH! I almost forgot my favorite find. An old oil painting of sheep grazing by a stream.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Lovely Easter Flowers

I just had to add one more post today. I was in the kitchen all morning making our traditional Christmas dinner for Easter. Kirby picked these beautiful flowers from our yard and we used these as our centerpiece. The entire morning as I was baking and cooking the flowers
were there to remind me of how beautiful life is. I wanted to share them with all of my blogging friends. Blessed Be.

Happy Easter And Bright Blessings

Happy Easter everyone. It's been a busy weekend here but a very nice one.
The last picture, a the beautiful little baby is an old Mellin's Food advertisement. On the bottom it says our baby and on the back the name Rachel is hand written. I like to think that this is maybe her first Easter. Don't you just love those chubby little feet and that sweet dress. Bright Blessings to all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been looking for an old wooden ironing board for a while. I used to come across them quite often but after selling my last one about a year ago I realized they are not as easy to come by anymore. Yesterday I found this beauty at an estate sale. It was only 3.00 dollars and I was delighted to find it. I had plans for how I was going to cover an old ironing board if I ever came across another but this one has the old soft, scorched, grungy cover still attached. I don't think I can bring myself to change this. I would appreciate some feedback on this, I like the prim look. Should I leave it or change it????? Help !!!

More Bunnies

The big bunny in the top picture is wearing a vintage childs dress and also has a little vintage straw purse from my collection of vintage childrens clothing. The the little black bunny is wearing a vintage doll dress. I had this little bench from a sale that I went to last summer, I found the two bunnies yesterday for 50 cents each and I just had to pick them up. I came home and painted the little bench this sweet spring pink and they look right at home there.

Bunnies and a New Find Suggestions Please

I found this old "make do" ladder at a sales yesterday and I just had to bring it home. It's just perfect for a bunny perch.

Welcome Spring

I am very pleased to know that today is the first day of spring. It doesn't feel at all like spring here; it is COLD and very damp a...