Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been looking for an old wooden ironing board for a while. I used to come across them quite often but after selling my last one about a year ago I realized they are not as easy to come by anymore. Yesterday I found this beauty at an estate sale. It was only 3.00 dollars and I was delighted to find it. I had plans for how I was going to cover an old ironing board if I ever came across another but this one has the old soft, scorched, grungy cover still attached. I don't think I can bring myself to change this. I would appreciate some feedback on this, I like the prim look. Should I leave it or change it????? Help !!!


  1. Just cover over it. I covered an ironing board with ticking one time. Do you plan on using it?

  2. I'm just going to use it as a display piece. Ticking sounds great. Thank you,

  3. Ticking sounds like a great idea! I have a customer that uses all her ironing boards when she has a party to set up a buffet, thought that was really a unique idea. She said she uses them on her deck all summer for all their gatherings. Thanks for stopping by my blog, love meeting new people. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place. Have a great Easter. Dawn



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