Saturday, October 12, 2019

Is it Autumn?

Just over a week ago we still had temperatures in the triple digits.  I longed for Autumn and hoped it would arrive soon. And then it came for a couple of days but then it became rainy and the highs were in the low 60's and it seemed like winter had so quickly replaced those few pleasant autumn days
Now we've once again had a few pleasant days and but next week the colder air will come again. It is time for pumpkins and witches and long dark nights. Sweet warm evenings by the fire and the holidays coming fast. How does time slip away so quickly,

I'm still getting used to this windows 10. I can't say that I like it but I am getting better with it.
I have so many projects going right now and still working full time so I honestly haven't but my best effort into it. I'm still having problems loading pictures into my blog but hopefully I will have it figured out soon.

Enjoy the harvest season and I will be back soon with new from the Mysticwood.

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