Friday, September 15, 2017


Hi Everyone , It's Rocky here. I hope everyone is loving the cooling weather and enjoying the freshness of autumn.  
It's my turn to post today so I'm adding some pictures from past autumns.  You see at only 4 pounds it's difficult for me to use the camera and mom doesn't let me use her cell phone. 
I love the cooler days because I get to go on longer walks, I'm almost 12 now and the heat can really bother me so I love this time of the year. 

Mom says we are going to be busy this weekend moving furniture around doing some decorating.  I like it when she decorates but not when she moves stuff around because I'm so tiny I could get hurt and she makes me stay in the stupid crib like a baby until she finishes that part.  
I do like to snuggle by the fire when it gets really cold, mom and everybody else likes it to. That fireplace has made us very happ for many years now. 
I know she has a lot planned to do but it's going to be fun watching the house transform. It's like magic. You know what Mom says I'm like magic too. I just make her happy all of the time. Have a great weekend and please continue to pray for all of the people and animals that have had to deal with the hurricanes and fires.  I am so grateful that we are together and safe because everyday when mom comes home she tells us all how much she thanks God and nature that we are safe and all here together.  


  1. Your decorations are just beautiful !
    I hope you get lots of treats this Halloween :)

  2. So much loss but still lots to be thankful for.


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