Monday, November 14, 2016

November Where Are You Going

Wow! I have no idea where the weeks have gone. This time of the year is always hectic but my goodness it is getting away from me. One day I was decorating for Autumn and then suddenly I need to be decorating for Christmas.

We've had some busy weekends of estate sales and we are working to get so many vintage and antique linens into our Etsy Shop, we will also be listing some vintage Attic Babies Dolls as well has handmade stockings and an incredible dough bowl with blue paint so please be patient with us.                                                                        
  For now I'm trying to move around boxes of Christmas decorations and Autumn and Etsy items and I'm starting to wonder if I might be getting to old for this. I don't think so, it's this way every year. I think the chaos makes me sane. I work very well under pressure and the truth is I just love it when there is so much to do, especially when it comes to linen, antiques, decorating, and most of all my family and fur kids gathered by the hearth to celebrate.

We've had warm sunny days and crisp autumn mornings and I'm looking forward the super moon this evening. That reminds me, It's exercise time for the doggies and there is dinner to make. I hope everyone loves this season as much as I do. Please be safe and warm and cozy.

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