Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mabon Morning

(Picture from Pinterest) 
Good Morning and Happy Autumn to all. It must indeed be The Season of the Witch, Once again I have downloaded pictures from my camera that have disappeared so I will make do with repeat pictures. We have had days of clouds and rain. Suddenly today the gray gave way to bright warm sunlight and again the balance that is autumn danced around me.

    The pumpkins took on the light and warmth of the sun as if to welcome the new season. The season of harvest, the time of magic and memory.

  We must take time to be grateful for the harvest and the blessings of the spring and summer, we should linger at our gates and let the beauty of the season enchant us and remind us that the winter will soon cover the earth with rest as we settle by our hearths and weave dreams for the new year.
(picture courtesy of Pinterest) 
Halloween will be here before we know it and this season will slip into memory but I will savor the mellow beauty of each hour. 

Blessed be dear friends and


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  1. Happy Mabon my friend! Ahhh...yes, sweet, sweet, autumn.... it is my heart's season as well. Love everything about it...except what follows. ;o) Smiles & Autumn Hugs ~ Robin



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