Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Memories

I'm hoping everyone had a bright and blissful Christmas. I'm finally able to post a few pictures. We had a wonderful family time traditional Christmas. I have to admit that during Christmas I tend to love a bit of glitter which is far from my primitive roots. I'm not sure why that is but every year for a few weeks I love to fill the house with lots of trees with twinkling lights and lots of sparkly decorations.  

I love Santas and snowmen and angels and fairies but my favorite decorations are nature inspired.  I adore glittery pine cones, flowers, birds, acorns, bunches of sparkling grapes, and berries.  
 This Santa has been around for years and greets family and neighbors by our porch.
 Sparkling blue poinsettias and a playful family of snow people act as a tree skirt for my little white tree.

 And there are days of baking and cooking. Our family dinner consists of traditional fare cooked the same way my mother and and aunts and Grandmother cooked for generations. My daughter and I add our own recipes each year and enjoy every minute of this special time of the year with our family. This year I added a new cookie from Cooks Illustrated. These chocolate crinkle cookies are so good. They are like a rich brownie with an ever so light crispy coating.  Even the fur babies are all worn out from much family time and lots of treats and and toys. We've had record breaking temperatures this week and lots of rain and more to come next week. After last years bitter cold it has been nice but it's time for some cool sunny winter days. I'm looking forward to some quite and crafting time and hope that the new year will bring peace and beauty to all of our blogging friends.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too Constance and there is nothing wrong with a little glitter.
    Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my blog. Make sure you take some 'me time' too.
    Happy New Year...
    Susan x



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