Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little Bit of Autumn

Hello, I hope everyone has had a pleasant week.  It's been super hot here but we had a lovely cool down today. It's been a quiet, cool day. One of those peaceful dreamy days that hints at the coming of autumn. I love autumn, it seems as if all the madness of the earth starts to slow into a very enchanted calmness. The little lady above is called Hilda. My mother was named Hilda. My daughters and I call her that because she has this wicked little smile that Mom had when she was up to something. You would have had to know her to understand but she was definitely her own person and just slightly so wicked in the best possible way.


Autumn is starting to appear here and there in the house and I am counting the days till the pumpkin farm opens.

The lovely tea towels shown above were found by my oldest daughter. These as well as some other very lovely linens that she offered went to live at a bed and breakfast during our sale in Halifax last month. We love it when our finds move on to be loved and appreciated by others. Lisa has a good eye for antique linens and she has also been finding some amazing primitives as you will see in the picture below.

We have a lot of beautiful things that will be making their way into our Etsy shop next week. The teapot below is another treasure that Lisa found. It doesn't show very well in the pictures but this teapot is cast iron and has an overall raised texture design. I've never seen another like it. Now Lisa doesn't collect primitives like I do but she is certainly developing a good eye for primitives. She has such a deep interest in history and has been working with me on our genealogy. So far we have traced our family back to Jamestown. The only problem being we both wish a little bit that we could be colonists or pioneers. It doesn't hurt to dream and who knows we could possibly manage a small farm. Well I'm letting my thoughts drift away again, it is a perfect day for dreaming. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these last  weeks of summer.                                                                                                                                          

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  1. Constance, I wanted to thank you for your visit to the Cottage and for your kind words. I live in a Victorian miner's cottage but I also love primitive and country decorating so I have mixed it all. I do hope you will come back for a visit and I will do the same for you That is a very charming tea pot...Happy Wednesday..Judy



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