Monday, July 13, 2015

Looking Forward Glancing Back Continued

I've been trying for days to complete this post, I've just had all sorts of computer problems so I guess one thing I should look forward to is replacing this tired old machine. I still can't get my new pictures to post so for now I'll just add a few old ones.  We are very busy here these days, we have just purchased five boxes of beautiful vintage and antique linens that we will be offering on  Etsy as well as at our shows. The craft table is into autumn with lots of lovely surprises that we will be listing soon. We are very grateful that we are growing and expanding and we will be posting more about that soon.

I do like to look back at this time of the year to remember my brother..We miss him so much but I still keep his little bear near and we keep him with us through our deep love for him and the pleasure of the many wonderful memories that we have of him.  In the post before this one I introduced you to Jasper, my newest Grand Doggie and then remembered that I hadn't properly introduced you to my precious Snowball. This little lady was a feral dog running wild in the neighborhood three years ago. She had been abused and managed to escape from that horrible environment and she just ran everywhere. She was reported as a nuance  dog everyday and had been chased by animal control for a year. I'm very happy to tell you that she joined us on Christmas Eve 2013.  After months of taking my time and feeding her and trying so hard to save her she just all on her own decided to come in and live with us. She is such a Diva now. So sweet and she's had her big girl surgery and all of her shots and we are so blessed to have her. She and Rocky are best friends. I hope to be back in a few days to properly update my blog. Hopefully I will be able to post some new pictures and share some of the projects we are working on.  Have a beautiful weekend.      

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