Monday, June 15, 2015

Please BEE Friendly

The days are passing so quickly and I still have so much to do before we are off on Wednesday to set up in Historic Halifax for the 301 endless Yard Sale. I had to take a few minutes to update my blog and to mention that last year this time my flowers were visited all during the day by our sweet Honey Bees and Butterflies.

Once last week I saw four at one time and that was very exciting but quite heartbreaking as that is the most that I have seen on any given day.  My neighbors garden is suffering as are many others simply because there are no bees this year. 

Bees feed us and we are killing them. Early in the spring I spoke to a lady that has allergies and  please don't misunderstand me I know that allergies can be deadly but this lady sprays her yard with very toxic pesticides because she doesn't like the outside (she might get sunburned) and she has Hay Fever.. I found that it is normal for her friends and family to do this all summer long including multiple treatments of weed and grass killer because they don't like to cut grass.     

I admit that I grew up way back when and there was a standard treatment for Hay Fever;" get out and work in the garden and if you sneeze that's better than the spanking your gonna get for whining and complaining.  And you know it worked ! Brother and I both built a natural  defense against the pollen and had a wonderful life alive with the wonders of our good earth.

We grew up on fresh food which is another lost art as so many people prefer to open a can instead  of learning to prepare fresh food.

I really didn't mean to turn this into  to a rant but I am determined start getting this information out to everyone I know and to start  educating myself on being more earth friendly. It's going to be a hot, hot week here. Keep your fur babies cool and keep fresh water out for the birds and the bees. 

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