Sunday, May 31, 2015

Historic Halifax North Carolina and the 301 Endless Yardsale

Hello and welcome back. Today's post is about a fantastic sale coming to Eastern North Carolina on June 19th and 20th. It's the 301 Endless yard sale and it is a wonderful fun weekend of Treasure Hunting that stretches through five counties in Eastern NC.

We will be  setting up in Enchanting Historic Halifax so be sure to stop by.
 Historic Halifax is a treasure for Eastern North Carolina, a beautiful quaint historic town that has been restored so perfectly that you feel you have stepped  back into Colonial times.  
     The sale begins from the at the Riverside Mill in Weldon NC, only seven miles from historic Halifax. You might remember my post from a few years ago about the Riverside Mill. Below you will find pictures of just a sampling of what you might find at Riverside on any given day but there will be many outside vendors during this sale.

    There will be sale after sale all along the route from Halifax County to Harnett County. Everything you can imagine will be along the route. It's a dream for every treasure hunter, whether you love crafts, antiques, yard sales, you name it. Be sure to visit the Website at   301 Endless Yard Sale you can also visit Riverside Mill and Historic Halifax, and the Town of Selma on the web. Just travel 301 and you will be amazed. I will be back soon to post some pictures of some of the lovely treasures we will be offering in our booth. Be sure to mark your calendar.

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