Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome Autumn Days

The Harvest Moon will arrive in just a few days. I'm taking a few vacation days next week so I can enjoy the cooler weather and enjoy the pure enchantment of the season.

I'm hoping the camera will cooperate so I can post some new pictures of the new old house and some Autumn decorating. I'm just so excited! I love Autumn and Halloween  but what's an old crone to do but love the harvest season??? I also hope to share some exciting new finds with you. I just recently picked up a pair of divine mantle luster's and  the very next weekend I found the most beautiful antique chandelier. I plan to use them in the bungalow. I know most people that lived in bungalows didn't have fancy chandeliers but it's my new dream home and I can sparkle it if I want to.  

 My true love for this house will always remain primitive, you'll be seeing that when the updates begin but I'm really going to have fun with this home and there may just be a really sparkly chic room.

 Well for now enjoy the changing season and I will be back soon.

Blessed BE.

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