Saturday, April 14, 2012

The value of $1.00

 I had no plans for garage sales today, to be honest I wasn't even feeling up to going. Then you pass one and the van just parks all on it's own out of habit.  Smart old van, love that van.  The beautiful painted tray, old red handled chopper and shiny bright ornaments were 5 cents each. The four red linen napkins $100.00 for the set. I'll tell you more about this sale later. 
 Second stop found these little winter babies, they have a castle too but I forgot to get a picture of it, 25 cents each and the bottle brush tree came with them. I'm going to love these at Christmas displayed with my ever growing snowman collection.

 Now back to the first sale, this huge yellow ware bowl, just sitting there all alone. No one had wanted it because it has damage a rather large chip and a crack so the lady asked if I thought 25 cents was to much.

 I told her that I was chipped and cracked myself and the problems made me love it all the more. Then she showed me this pillow and well a few sweet linens. Love the pillow and all the thrifty treasures. Have a great Saturday!


  1. What great finds! I received a Liebster Blog Award and since you are one of my favorite blogs, I wanted to pass it along to you :)

  2. Pretty amazing how far $1.00 can go sometimes.
    Love the old bowl...its imperfections make it all the more endearing.
    Susan x



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