Monday, September 26, 2011

The Waiting Days

It's nearly here; you can feel the change. It comes like a slow moving dream; the sun rising, appearing lazily through the morning misty clouds as if it is peering onto an unfamiliar landscape. All that was lush, dense forest green just weeks ago is now beginning to fade. Here and there a hint of yellow, red and brown. The forest will dress herself in brightness to rival the beauty of the sun herself.      


Autumn is arriving, mornings are cooler and the day grows shorter.
The fields ripen to an orange carpet of plump pumpkins and Halloween waits like a shadow, a misty ghost that beckons us to follow. We cannot follow but merely wait in awe and anticipation.
Blessed Be my Friends

Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn on the Air

I hope everyone is enjoying the late days of summer as they slowly drift into the misty wilds of Autumn. Here are a few pictures from the past as the decorating slowly moves forward now in the country. I hope to have new pictures for you soon and perhaps some samplings of my craft.

Even the scents and sounds of the forest have changed in the past few weeks and here and there I see the softest hint of color.
The witches and pumpkins are emerging from their slumber and the brightness and the mystery of the season creeps slowly at first but before we know it the splendor will surround us.
Stay safe and ever vigilant, one does not wish to miss a fairy or an elf and to be sure I do believe I saw the first autumn witch in the shadow of the full moon just last evening.

Bright Blessings,



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