Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What would you do??

Sunday morning before last I opened my front door to a beautiful autumn morning and found this little guy on my door mat. Well I picked him up and brought him in and his name is Abadia. I really don't need another pet but my heart just breaks when I see a helpless, homeless little soul. I'm just not one that can walk away. 

The traffic and the neighbors here do not allow for outdoor kitties, and he is already spoiled terribly bad.

OK, now the other news. I found some great treasures this weekend but no pictures as I haven't unpacked anything yet. It looks like we will be moving, and while I had so hoped to buy and restore this place it just hasn't worked out and the repairs needed are way too costly for me to make to someone else's property.
I'm busy trying to get packed and we are starting some painting on the house that we will be moving into. It has it's good things and it's not so good features but it is quite roomy and I love the layout.

                                                                                It has nice windows in every room and a huge front porch and a nice private fenced back yard. I've known almost everyone on the block since I was very young. 

                                                                                  I really love the interior french doors that open from the huge living room into the hall way. I don't like the dark paneling but we are painting all of the trim colonial white which will brighten things up quite a bit.


I am looking forward to decorating this mantle, there are several great mantles in this house.

I will be back to post pictures as things progress, I'm really not a patient person and my soul clock is telling me that I an way behind on Autumn decorating so I'm off to sort and pack more boxes. I will be making sure that all of the Autumn things get unpacked first; even before the dishes!!!
I'll also be posting some before and after pictures of the kitchen and bath as these two rooms will get the lions share of the redoing 
Take everyone and have a wonderful week.  


  1. He is SO cute! Look at those blue eyes. Good luck with your move. ~Ann

  2. Constance....where do you live in Eastern NC??? Love the kitty.....(hint).

    Love the HOUSE, too!!!!



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