Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cool Finally Cool

Well we've finally had a much needed cool down here and I am trying to get caught up on a million things. Needless to say I am in the mood for Autumn my favorite season. This morning I managed to get to a few sales and I found this neat baby bassinet; I thought it might make a cozy, comforting bed for the little ferals that I've taken in but would you believe they have no interest at all. It does seem that my Brother's best friend Wallace who is now 13 1/2 likes it just fine. Wallace was rescued by my mother and then came to live with me when her home flooded. He has outlived my Mom and Brother and he misses them so much, he is  so sweet so dear to my heart.

                                                                               Now here comes my 6 year old Halo, he seems to like the new bed too. Anyone know where I can find more of these????????    I may need one for each kitty except C C, she likes any spot as long as she can stretch out in her favorite position.


                                                                     She is so Lady like.


I hope to be blogging regularly again soon. My computer is really dragging and at times I can't get online at all so we are doing some window shopping for a new machine soon. I hope everyone has a fun filled safe Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. Your lil brood is adorable. They certainly have taken a liking to that bassinet.~~~Cathy~~~



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