Sunday, August 1, 2010

Late Summer Art

This is a little table that Kirby found at a garage sale yesterday; it needs a redo and will take it's place in line with other projects that will be moving forward as the weather cools and time allows. He has a good eye and this little primitive beauty will find a place with us for many years. I love the little drawer with it's hand cut dovetails; it just has that good feeling about it and with a little bit of work it will come alive again and it begin life again with us in our home.

And that brings me to this----

It is a most beautiful day, overcast and so wonderfully cool. Summer has been furious this year and the forecast promises that she will return in all her hot, humid, glory in just a day or two but for today Mother Nature has given us a sweet reminder that Autumn awaits. 

The art of each season amazes me and has so all of my life. In the fury of the coldest winter day I am amazed; and  the precious spring when the birds are nesting amid the foliage of fresh new life can bring the
the greatest joy to my life. I wait anxiously through the flaming beauty of summer, amid the dazzling beauty and scent of flora and fauna for the cool quiet of autumn in all it's splendor to arrive.

                                                                            The Crepe Myrtle is in her glory now but long after her blooms and leaves have faded she will remain a sculptural beauty even through the long dark days of winter.

The sacred Holly is robust and heavy laden with berries; she shares these with the mocking birds and squirrels so they may be fed through the winter. 


When autumn arrives these berries will change to to orange and then red and through the winter they will linger to give color and hope to the promise of a new beginning. In summer the Robin's will feast on these red berries; there is nothing quite like watching a mother robin feeding her fledgling; (still a bit timid from the glory of it's first flight) beneath this old holly.   

I am so fortunate to see these miracles and to feel the spiritual energy that binds all living things together. It gives me peace and promise. 

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  1. Hi Sallie~ that little table is adorable. Great find! You sound like us, all the "furniture projects" can wait until winter!
    Your crepe myrtle is beautiful....that is one of my Mom's favorites.



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