Friday, September 4, 2009


Hi It's Friday again. I know I really need to be working 40 hours a week these days but this having Friday's off is really nice. I could get used to this. The weather here has been so Autumn like this week, so cool and refreshing. I went by the pumpkin farm today just in case but there was no sign that they would be opening anytime soon. I've been seeing and enjoying so many wonderful posts and pictures of textures so I thought I'd add a few from my home.

My camera no longer takes good close up shots but you get the idea.

Once again I uploaded the same picture twice, one day I'll get this whole blogging thing figured out.

This next picture after the bear is a new texture to my home. Last Tuesday when I came home for lunch I noticed a large pile of stuff out in front of my neighbors home. I remember spending the night there with Mrs. M's niece when I was young. The house was full of beautiful antiques and Mrs. M was so sweet. She went into a nursing home over a year ago and all of her wonderful crystal, china and antiques were carried away by relatives. The house sat empty all this time and has just been put up for sale; the realtor had cleaned everything that was left out and placed it by the street to be picked up. A neighbor and had had a really good time with that huge pile of stuff. I'll post about that later but while I was going through one of the many bags of stuff I found a second plastic bag way down in the bottom, I could barely reach it these were huge lawn bags but I kept rummaging until I was able to tear a little hole in the second bag. There was something frilly and white in there. I went to work hard then and there in the second plastic bag was Mrs. M's wedding dress. I about had tears in my eyes by the time I brought it to the sunlight and realized what it was. It is in perfect condition except for a few yellow age marks mostly on the train. A sweet and innocent 1950's dress worn on the happiest day of her life. She and Mr. M were a devoted couple all of their lives. I can't believe the relatives left this behind. It's safe now.

This is a mirror I bought at a garage sale earlier this year, it doesn't show very well but it has beveled glass and this beautiful, glided, tortoise shell frame. I think I paid 3.00 for it.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful textures ;)
    Glad you have Mrs. M's wedding dress...whata wonderful keepsake!

    Have a happy holidy weekend.

  2. Really wonderful pictures!!

    I hope all is well with you!!




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