Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Autumn & A Haunting Child

Happy Autumn, it's been cool and raining and it's really starting to feel like it here. It's not a minute to soon for me I'm loving it.

I just hung a primitive portrait that I've actually been babysitting for a friend of mine. I've had it stored for several years and since he hasn't returned for it I thought I'd give this young man a special place over the mantle. I'm not sure if it's watercolor or chalk but I will tell you this is a ghostly like child. The story went that this was a portrait of a young man from Windsor N.C.

There was a lady that was his Nanny and deeply loved him, when she left the family they gave her this portrait. It had remained in the family and had been passed down several generations until it was purchased by my friend. I have no clue to the age, the little guy is so pale with white hair and pale blue eyes that follow you where ever you are in the room. I wish I knew the age of this. The cardboard backing has an old advertisement for something that says Martha Washington, Meyer for Women. I have no idea what it means and can't find any information on it. Still I love him, he just seems to have a sadness about him. His clothing looks to be early 1900's to me but I suppose it could be earlier.
I've got to get a close up of his face, maybe in the next post.
I'm beginning to get some decorating done. It's going slow. My heart just isn't in it this year. The old cupboard has gotten some autumn glow added.

A couple of years ago I found these little children's purses in a box at a garage sale. Three were glittery jack o lanterns and and one was velvet. I just couldn't pass them up. I thought they might be a bit too glitzy for my primitive style but I found that if I mingle them in here and there they add just the right bit of sparkle.

I do love them.

See the one hiding on the door, there's also one hiding on the mantle.

I hope to post more latter today and update my Familiar Spirits blog as well. Work has been a nightmare for weeks now and I'm hoping that will get better so I can shake off some of the stress and get back into the full joy of Autumn and blogging.


  1. Constance ~~ Love your portrait and how you decorated your mantel so fall looking, just love all the colors. Your purses are very neat,a great find.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Constance, Oh how I can relate with you on stress... and the wanting to be into Autumn. Its my favorite time of year. I love Halloween the most of all the holidays... but I've been so busy doing all the things I have to do, and not enough of the things I want to do. I love the decorations you've put up so far. Very festive. (: xx Vicki

  3. Well now I don't know whether to call you Constance or Sallie since you signed your comment on my blog Sallie! LOL....but I wanted to thank you for visiting and for such sweet warm words about my decorating!

    The story you posted about the portrait is very intrigueing and I love the touches of Fall you've added thus far!

    Have a lovely Autumn weekend!



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