Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Spoiled Kitty and a Favorite Shelf

It's been just too hot here this week, I'm pet sitting for a very good friend, not to mention taking care of my own brats--- oops I meant cats. I have lots of pictures that I plan to post this weekend but for now just a little post. This is one of my favorite shelves, the white is soothing and it adds just a hint of my love for white in my primitive living room.

Now I bought this stroller at a yard sale Sat. for Sugar Bee and she seemed to love it. So much so that she decided that all of the white wicker must be hers too. I had to take the hurricane shade away from this candle for fear she's knock it off and break it and then jump into the glass. Oh well she does look cute in there.

Have a great week everyone! Hugs!


  1. those are the cutest pics ;)

    have a great day.


  2. What a sweet little baby you have there!!!
    how old is she? I just adore black cats...they all seem to have so much love to give, don't they...and see how she looks at you? she knows every word you say to her (or think!) LOL!!!

    Beautiful Pictures, my Friend~
    Blessed be!
    Lori form Notforgotten farm


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