Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Great Make Do

Isn't this just the greatest make-do ever. This was a gift from my dear friend Fran a few weeks ago. It's a home made kitty carrier probably made in the 40's or 50's when people didn't have many options for transporting their furrbabies. I just adore it.
My camera is acting up again; sorry for the blurry pictures but I'm having a terrible time getting it to focus.

This is a print on canvas that I found earlier in the summer when my camera was on the blink the first time. I saw this from the van at a garage sale and ran to it. It is a copy of the painting of the Alling children that was painted in about 1839 by Oliver Tarbell Eddy. I looked this up online to see if I could get some information on it. Just as I had guessed sadly, the little boy in the black dress had passed away before the portrait was painted. That is why he is in black and standing a bit apart from his sisters. I don't know where I'm going to hang this yet but it is definitely a keeper.
This creel was a Sat. yard sale find. It's not antique but it is a vintage piece and just in time for my autumn decorating.

Can you see her? She was free at the sale. She's a bottle doll; I guess made in the 60's as she's on what appears to be a plastic Joy or Ivory bottle. I just love her.

I'm also playing with a new blog for Autumn-Halloween. My time is so limited with the hours that I work but if you get a chance stop over at Please keep in mind that it's under construction and I haven't gotten this whole blog thing figured out yet anyway but it's lots of fun and I love visiting all of my favorites and many others. I expect my favorites list will grow and grow. Have a great Sunday Afternoon!

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  1. The carrier is adorable, what a great find. I also love the canvas. When my FIL passed away all of the boys wanted me to take two of the paintings that had been on the walls for years, I felt so honored. I had always admired them. I love the creel!! I am not finding much of anything lately. Probably not going to enough sales. LOL




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