Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pictures Again!! My lovely, sweet, girls

Hi everyone! I finally have gotten the camera issue resolved and here are the pictures of my daughters and grandaughters that I promised. We had a wonderful all girls day a few weeks ago and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have all of my girls together.
This is my beautiful Lisa, my oldest daughter with her youngest daughter Megan. They live in the Raliegh area. The next picture is Kasey, Lisa's oldest daughter. I am so proud of my girls.
Kasey is my oldest grandaughter. She is just so smart and beautiful. I just tell you there isn't enough time for the hugs and all the love I have for my babies.

Megan is my oldest daughters youngest daughter. Am I confusing you yet? Megan is just a beautiful sweetheart.

My beautiful Paula is my youngest child and mother to John Mike and Claire. She lives in South Dakota and it is such a treat to have her visit.
My youngest grandchild Claire; Claire lives in South Dakota. You might remember her from her Cooking With Claire Video that I posted a while back. It's so good when she comes to visit and especially to have all "my Girls" home together.

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