Monday, June 22, 2009

Good News --- Sad News

Hi everyone. I have so much to post but just a little time so I will start with the good news. My Grandson graduated on June 13th. He just turned 17 in April and we are all so proud of him. My daughters and grand daughters visited also on Saturday. We had a nice little party and the girls are growing up so fast. I have pictures but I'm still working on this problem with the computer but hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon and you can see how beautiful the children are.

Now for the not so good news. Last Sunday we discovered that a mama kitty and her 3 babies had been dumped at my neighbors house. She hates everything especially cats. "The eyes light up so they must be demons". Anyway I asked her if she would give me a few days, I'd put food for them in my yard and try to coax them over; while in the mean time trying to get in touch with a local rescue group. She promptly called animal control the next day while I was at work. They trapped the little mama and killed her right away leaving the babies behind. The next day they trapped one of the babies and killed it too. This because they determined they were wild. The next night another of the babies got into the trap at 8:15 PM. It stayed in that trap 13 hours crying and pleading to be freed. It was killed after being in that trap for 13 hours. On Friday they were not able to get the third baby in the trap. On Saturday the president of Merlin's Song feline rescue brought a trap and we put it in my yard. The baby went in and I was watching. I brought this baby in and not only is it only about 5 weeks old, it is not wild but just as sweet. I can cuddle and love it. It even let me take it gently out of the trap with no fuss at all. When I think about what happened to the mama and siblings it just breaks my heart. She has had them set another trap today even though we told animal control that the last kitten is gone. She hates that I have a cat. My kittie is always an indoor cat but this woman is determined to cause all the trouble she can. She wants all cats and dogs dead. Now she swears that she is a good Christian, always chanting the bible. But she thinks that all animals have demons and need to be destroyed, well I think there is a demon in the mix here but I don't think it's the animals. I'm looking for a place to move. We had planned to buy this house, it has family ties and lots of memories. Never think that you can come into a challanged neighborhood because you love old houses and believe that things are turning around. I wanted so to be apart of this community coming to life again but the investors will grab up the properties and drugs will win no matter what. I will miss this place but I love the country and even if we end up in a doublewide or newer house it will be home, safe for all of my family; furbabies and all.

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  1. Hi Constance...that is so, so sad! My cat Whiskers of 14 years was a stray kitten that I trapped when I lived in the country in Alabama. I was never able to trap her two siblings and never found where the mama cat took them. Whiskers was the sweetest cat and I always regretted not getting the others.

    Sounds like you really need to leave that neighborhood and that nasty old lady behind. She HAS to be a little "mental", if not down right hateful! So glad you saved the one! Can't wait to see your pics when you get you computer working right. Want to see the little kitty, too! ~~Annie


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