Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chippy White Swans and Satin

WOW !! It's been a long week and Spring has been playing hide and seek while I am ready for planting and warm, sunny days. Anyway that's enough complaining. The weekend, while not so warm has been great. My Grandson came for the night on Friday and his father spent the afternoon visiting on Saturday. It was a nice visit that I truly enjoyed and spending time with my grandson, now a young man of 16 was just wonderful. Early Saturday morning while the guys slept in in took off to find the few garage sales that were in the paper. It's was a cold morning but that was OK. I found these two wooden swans that I just love. One I will keep and maybe sell one. They have just enough chips and rust to make them perfect. I also found this satin crazy quilt that is so beautiful and nearly perfect. The back is lavendar but it looks blue in the picture. All of the fabrics are satin with a few silk pieces in the mix. They are all trimmed with lovely embroidery. I've got to get to work now, I hope everyone has a great week!!

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  1. Oh such great swans and quilt. Thanks for the comment. Denise



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