Sunday, February 15, 2009

Katie Rose Creech

This is a picture of my stepfathers family. This picture was taken in the 1920's before my stepfather was born. Just a few years after my stepfather was born in 1925 Katie would be widowed. She started working at Rocky Mount Mills when she was 8 years old and retired after 57 years. I recently was lucky enough to find one of the old school desks dated 1867 from the school. Rocky Mount Mills had it's own school for the children that lived in the Mill Village. The school was established in 1820 and operated into the 1930's. I'll post pictures of it a little later. It's been such a hectic week I haven't been able to get anything done. The weather has turned quite cool again and there's a chance for some snow (just a dusting) in the morning. I have daffodils popping up everywhere and the robins are back. Spring will come !!!

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