Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feb. Chill Settling In

We've had quite the cool down since I last posted. It's actually been rather cold and gloomy with the coldest days yet to come later this week.  I still won't complain, so far it has been much milder than last year and so I just focus on the expectation of spring to be arriving sometime in the next few weeks.   
I've been keeping my eye out for the first Robins to arrive. They came early last year and it was brutally cold for them right up till the first week of April so I can understand if they are not in such a hurry this year. I've been making sure that the feeder is full and I always sprinkle seed on the ground for the Doves and Robins.  I just pulled out a few old photos of things that remind me of spring. I'm busy packing away snowmen from my winder decorations and slowly picking out the things that I will display for spring and Easter.
   There are some new/old birdhouses that will make their way into my yard thus year. I'm hoping to get them up in time for the spring nesting. Nothing says spring like the voice of nesting birdies.
 Rocky is looking forward to the warmer months to come. He is definitely not a winter child but he stays snug and warm snuggling with our rescued husky Snowball.
  We've added some new items to our etsy shop. We have also lowered some prices on a few things and we have a sale through the end of Feb. so stop by and visit us. I hope everyone has a warm and safe week.   

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Mr. Groundhog

I was very glad to hear your prediction of an early spring this year; however I do seem to remember that you were under investigation for making the same prediction last year. As I recall we had a late spring with record breaking cold until after the first week of April.  It's OK, I've been wrong a few times myself and all was forgiven when the first beautiful warm days arrived in April 2015. I fully understand that given the beautiful weather we have had lately one could surely get spring fever. It has been so warm and sunny. I think I must feel has happy as the early settlers at the first hint of spring. Rushing about, getting a jump start on spring cleaning and letting my soul soar in the breeze at the sight of sparkling white linens on my line dancing about on the wind. The last few days have indeed felt like warm, breezy March days instead of the first of February.

I am looking forward to the spring flowers that are to come and very happy to learn that my neighbor is setting up a bee box. We had so few bees last year and I am very excited to welcome the precious pollinators as my neighbors. I will make sure to plant lots of Bee Friendly plants for them.

I'm also busy working on our Etsy shop and new linens will be added this evening. I just love working with vintage and antique linens. We look forward to adding some new shows to our schedule this year.

It's time for me to rush away now, I hope everyone is having a beautiful week and looking forward to Valentines day. Blessed be.


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