Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Primitive Place Magazine and Spring




Hi Everyone,

Have you found spring? Well it’s still cool here but we do have sunshine. Last Friday I picked up my first copy of A Primitive Place at the local Books A Million. I’ve had problems putting it down. Six extraordinary homes to visit, decorating ideas and recipes.   I made a batch of Bunny Bait from the recipe section and it was so good. It took about 10 minutes and I will be making batches to  share with friends and family. I just keep going back and back to enjoy the prim homes. Love it!!

Seagraves Jack 1

On Sat. night we went out to an auction, I found this fantastic piece of Seagraves  Pottery and fell in love. I could celebrate autumn and Halloween all year. Maybe I will,



A window display with some autumn lovelies, just sort of threw this together for a quick fix since I didn’t get to decorate for the holidays last year.

yelloe ware

My Etsy shop will be opening soon and I also found some wonderful yellow ware bowls, salt glaze bowls and red ware pottery at the sale so you will be seeing some of these as well as some elegant spring linens for sale soon.  


saltglaze small

Many things have changed for me this past year but suddenly more changes are happening faster than I can imagine. It seems like doors are opening in every direction and I can hardly keep up. Hopefully I will have more to share along with some exciting news very soon.

Now as for spring, well I brought some home from Wal-Mart the other day. I prefer to grow my own flowers but this was just what I needed to brighten up the last days of winter.

spring f5

blue f

I’ll be back soon and hope to be blogging regularly in the next few weeks, I have decisions to make. Isn’t it strange how just when you think there are no options so many doors will open at once. I am so very thankful for my wonderful family and many wonderful friends.   

spring f 2

Be blessed dear blogging friends and and enjoy life. It’s a Good Thing!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where is Spring

Hello Friends,

Where ever you are I am hoping that you are warm and that spring will find you soon.
 These are some pictures from springs past, the weather here has been so crazy. We've had a few mild days that were so wonderful and just last week it was in the sixty's on Friday and we had snow and bitter cold on Saturday. I had taken some pictures of some wonderful primitive bowls. I braved the snow and cold to visit an auction on Saturday and wanted to give you a hint of what will be appearing in my Etsy shop but I can't find the pictures in Picasa after I downloaded them. So then I thought I'd post about one of my favorite PBS shows that I will be missing but couldn't find those either so here are pictures of warm days and sweet spring flowers. Hopefully I will get this picture issue sorted out soon.

I was wondering if anyone has watched Larkrise to Candleford? I started watching it last summer and I am so sad that it came and went so fast. I am a Downton fan but I really love Larkrise more. The village setting and stories of people working and struggling together remind me of my own childhood. And the beautiful costumes and the down to earth characters were such a treat. I have many things to share with you but for now I'm off to try to figure out where my pictures went.

Bright Blessings, 

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Robin

Hello Everyone,

Just this morning I heard a welcome and wonderful sound. The song of the Robin. I was so very happy to find that indeed the first messangers of spring had arrived.

I will put some food out for them and enjoy their beautiful music as I wait for the first blooms to appear.

On another note it has just come to my attention that my blog may have been compoimised. I have always known that personel at my company with "adminastrative rights" could check on our internet use. Since I don't abuse the internet or do any work for my personal gain in any way from work I hadn't thought much about it; however it has come to my attention that someone from our company with out the important "administrative rights" has gained access and is monitering  the internet and this is very upsetting.    Especially when we have been able to log on during breaks without causing a problem. In this instance I'm worried about times when I have chekced my bank account or when I have visited my blog. Since I am not sure of this I won't be posting for a few days until I have changed my user names and pass word on all of my accounts including my blog. So you trust your employer?? I guess not in this instance. There has also been some mention of my interest in antiques, I guess this person doesn't know that I have many interests and is using this as a cover for their own attempts to sell me information and products at work that I am not interested in.    Anyway I will be back in a few days and I sincerely hope that this type of behavior will end soon.


Welcome Spring

I am very pleased to know that today is the first day of spring. It doesn't feel at all like spring here; it is COLD and very damp a...